Children and Herbs

Walking in the park with Patrick Granma pointed out the Dandelion seed head. She picked the stem and handed it to Patrick. He was amazed as she blew the first tiny parachute seeds away. He tried to blow but sucked in his breath and snorted! He ‘blew’ again and a few tiny seeds wafted away.

Patrick smiled.  

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It is the last time to plant bulbs. Last week Thomas planted daffodil bulbs with his mother. They had already begun to sprout, because they had been summering in a dry shady spot in the garden, loosely covered with mulch. This year they will be among other plants: ‘Blue Spires’ salvia, pink Shirley poppies, flat leaf parsley, Flanders poppies and dark blue lobelia. A rainbow of colour.


End of season tomato plant  


Once children have been introduced to gardening at an early age it becomes a natural part of daily life. My Grandson Thomas told his mother that he had a message for Granma. My daughter rang me for the little three year old to talk. “Granma, tomatoes finished in the garden, no more. Sorry” was the message to me. Yesterday he wanted to plant seeds of carrots and beans. His mother said  ”let’s wait to plant those near your birthday in spring.” so already he is learning about the seasonal garden activities.

Children love gardening, playing with earth and water, as well as popping bulbs into holes they have dug and sprinkling seeds onto newly smoothed sand. Father, Mother, Grandad and Grandma can create hours of fun for tiny tots.

Plant Borage, Borago officinalis seeds. In six weeks the  plant blooms with its pretty peerless blue star flowers, which are edible. The flowers can be added to salad and to fruit salad.  Borage flowers can be painted with egg white and dusted with icing sugar, allowed to set and used as a decoration on a cup cake.

Borage: Borago officinalis

flowers are edible

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