Herbs in Space

In 2016 Bioscientists managed to grow a flowering plant in a Space Ship. What is that flower’s name and why was this done?   Surprisingly the plant is Zinnia. A very commonly grown plant in domestic gardens in the 1950s and 1960s the Zinnia flower is edible!! petals of this one are orange. The purpose of this exercise is to have fresh plant food  for astronauts to eat.  Along with  this stunning news came more information: A year earlier a zucchini plant and lettuces had been grown successfully in space. Why was this achievement not made public ? The scientists believed this was not sufficiently important for an international announcement !!   This news raises many questions. What medium were the plants grown in?  How were liquid nutrients or potting soil contained? How long did the task take for its final success? How will zinnia petals be prepared?



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