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2019 Program First Thursday each month

February 7th 6pm Picnic to Share Burnley College HERB Garden  

March 7th Ann Marie Manders: Lavenders  Varieties and Uses

April 4th Penny Woodward: Tomatoes Every thing You Need to Know

May 2nd  Joanne Cody: Spicy Herby Catering

June 6th  Birthday Meeting Number 39

July 4th  Titch of Flemings Nursery: Pruning Especially Fruit Trees

August 1st  Jill Bryant: Herbs & Old Herb Botanic Drawings 

September 5th  Stephen Collis: Vertical Gardens

October  3rd    AGM and Surprising Short Presentations

November 7th  Judi Forrester: Umbrella Family Herbs Plants for Sale

December 5th  Prof Chris Williamson: Indigenous Food Crops History Opportunities Challenges



Cherry Guava Psidium cattleyanum

 Herb Society of Victoria 2018 Speakers

    Each First Thursday 7.15pm sharp

Feb 1st: PICNIC to SHARE at the Burnley Sugar Gum Table

Mar 1st: Peter Dyer ‘Honey and Native Bees’

Apr 5th: Andrew Kelly ‘The Yarra River and Surrounds’

May 3rd : Richard Rowe ‘Butterfly Flowers and Plants’

Jun 7th: Beverley Narandja ‘          ‘ 

Jul 5th: Jeremy Prentice ‘Wicking Beds for  Watering’ 

Aug 2nd: Jan Illingworth ‘Thyme for Cooking and Health’ and

                  Julie Wilkinson Flores ‘Kitchen Pharmacy’ 

Sep 6th: Professor Mardi Townsend ‘The Benefits of

                 Gardens and Trees on Physical and Mental Heath’

Oct 4th: ‘Two Short Talks on Specific Herbs’ 

Nov 1st: Steven Collis ‘Vertical Gardens’ cancelled

Dec 6th: Jill Bryant ‘Herbs and Flowers in Festivals’ moved to November.  

Fun Quiz at 7.15 after Bring Picnic to Share at 6pm at the Sugar Gum Table near th Herb Garden in Burnley Horticultural College Garden.Welcome all Visitors $5


Fun Quiz






Herb Society of Victoria Speakers Program for 2017.

Feb. 2nd: Bring your own dinner to share at 6pm at the picnic table near the Herb Garden at Burnley Horticultural College 

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond Melway 45A12 Park in Yarra Blvd please

March 2nd: Caleb Armstrong Pharmacist and Herbalist: Herbal Teas

April 6th: Jill Bryant: Shakespeare’s Plants to Create Gardens.

May 4th: Howard Fox of Norwood Industries ‘Research Behind Plant Labels.
June 1st: John ‘Planning, Planting, Growing with my Emerald Garden’

July 5th: Brian May ‘Chinese Herbs to Beautify Your Garden’.

August 3rd: Clive Larkman: Romantic Herbs Nursery.    

September 7th: John Dwyer: Plants Weeds and People.
October 5th: AGM and Short Talks on Three Herbs.

November 2nd: Myrna of Vermont ‘Floral Art’ Group. “Herbs and Spices in Artistic Arrangements”.

December 7th: Marie n’ Things: Unusual Herbs Talk and for Sale. 



The Herb Society Speakers Program for 2016


 Meetings first Thurs each month 7.30pm sharp                           

  Burnley Horticultural College Room MB10


  500 Yarra Blvd Richmond Melway 45A12

  Herb Supper  Raffle of a Herb or Herb Book

 Visitors Welcome $5   Members Free  Members’ Library

‘The Herb Age’ in colour is published six times per year

available posted or on line.     Join at the Meeting!

Monthly Speakers 2016 

 Feb 4th Picnic BYOE: Burnley Centenary Table 6pm                        

 Mar 3rd Jill Bryant: Four Cat Herbs for Cats and Humans

 Apr 7th June Valentine: Spices, Spices!

 May 5th Dr Greg Moore: The Importance of Trees 

Jun 2nd: HSOV is 36 years and Bill Whitehead is 100 years

  Karen Sutherland speaks on Unusual Edible Plants and has some for sale

 Jul 7th Carmen Hollway: Herbs Which Survive Neglect in Her Community Garden 

 Aug 4th Gary Braidmer: Herbs and Wine History 

 Sep 1st Joanne Cody: Edible Weeds 

 Oct 6th Herbal Bring and Buy or Swap Market  Visitors Welcome

Nov 3rd Chris Williams: Unusual Root Herbs and Vegetables 

Dec 1st Jill Bryant: Shakespeare’s Herbs and Flowers


Herb Society of Victoria Program 2015

Meetings the first Thursday each month at 7.30pm

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond  Melway 45A12      

Main Building Room 10   Herb Supper Plants for Sale

All Welcome  Members $3  Visitors $5

Feb 5th Picnic: Burnley Centenary Table 6pm

Mar 5th Anne Vale: Edna Walling’s Gardens 

Apr 2nd Virginia Heywood: Preparing for Opening a Garden             

May 7th L. Peterson: How the Colour Mauve Changed the World

Jun 4th Jill Bryant:  No Fears Fun Herb Quiz Night 

Jul 2nd  Penny Woodward: Garlic. Books to Buy 

Aug 6th Jude Mayall: Outback Chef Indigenous Plants to Cook 

Sep 3rd Sara Martin: Saroma Aromatics   by Sara herself 

Saturday Sept 26th at 1.30pm Sue Evans: Herbs of the Fist Fleet 1788

Oct 1st Judi Forrester: All the Thyme in the World 

Nov 5th Caitlin Graham-Jones: Bush Flower Essences

Watch Out for the Healing Herbs Seminar: Herbs of the First Fleet         

Saturday Afternoon 1.30pm September 26th 2015

Sue Evans a qualified Naturopath and Researcher is the Speaker 

 Dec 3rd Joy Thompson: Herbs from Garden to Creams for Use

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