Native Indigenous Plants Foods & Medicines

 Backhousia citriodora is a small tree with long citric

flavoured leaves. A refreshing tea is made from the leaves.


Backhousia Trees                 Backhousia Flowers

Backhousia anisata leaves are aniseed in flavour.

They are fine for a tea or dried and ground,

can be sprinkled on cooked apples or pears, or on lamb.


Australian Indigenous plants are used as foods, for healing as medicines, and other traditional uses. 

 Lilly Pilly Fruits make excellent Jam or Chutney

 Image result for lilly pilly trees   Image result for lilly pilly fruits

Eugenia smithii Lilly Pilly fruits come in shades of pink and magenta

Wattle Seeds have become a favoured flavour in Australian cuisine. Which species of Acacia provide suitable seeds?

Very few of the Wattle seeds are edible. Acacia victoriae is fine. Check out the list of edible Indigenous plants on the website for Growing Australian Native Plants.

Warragul Greens’ leaves need to be blanched and then used as spinach. The alternative name is New Zealand Spinach which has the botanic name of

Image result for nz spinach                          Image result for NZ Spinach Flowers

 Tetragonia tetragonoides                  Warragul Greens in Flower    

Did you know that the usual spinach in BRAZIL is Warragul Greens.   

The European spinach is difficult to grow in Brazil’s tropical climate!



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