Year 2017 Activities

Thursday December 7th 6pm

Picnic Dinner Bring Everything to Share

At the Sugar Gum Tree Table   

Near the Burnley Herb Garden

500 Yarra Blvd  Richmond Melway 45A12

Members, Friends and Visitors  gather

7.30 pm   Room 10 in the Main Building  enter via Steel Ramp.

Unusual Herbs Explained by Marie Economedes of Marie n’ Things 

Herb Plants to Buy Perfectly Labelled

 How to Make a Gold Bag  of Pot Pourris  with

 Frankincense and Myrrh  Shown by Jill

Room MB10 Main Building Burnley Horticultural College

Members free   Visitors Very Welcome $5  

Raffle of a Herb or Book    Herb Supper and Teas

Join at the Event   Free Library for Members 

The ‘Herb Age’ Full Colour Published 6 times a Year





Sweet Woodruff  Galium odorata   

Ladies Bedstraw  Galium verum 

Two Unusual Herbs Traditionally Known as Manger Herbs for the Christ Child


  Sainfoid  another Manger Herb












Thursday November 2nd  2017

Guest Speaker: Myrna Demetriou:

‘Arrangements with Herbs Spices’

Myrna belongs to Vermont Floral Art Group   

Room 10 Main Building enter via steel ramp 7.30pm sharp

Burnley Horticultural College 500 Yarra Blvd Richmond  

Melway 45A12      Members Free      Raffle of Herb or Book    

Herb Supper    Visitors Welcome $5    Join at the Meeting 

See our Fully Coloured “Herb Age”: Articles Events Reports   

Published six times per year  Posted or Emailed

Image result for Wreaths of Herbs and Spices Christmas                       Image result for Vase of Herbs

                      Herb Wreath                                                               Vase of Herb Flowers

Herbs and Spices in Bags   Image result for Arrangement of Herbs and spices

Image result for Basket of Herb Flowers and Spice LeavesImage result for Christmas Herb Arrangement with Bells

Herbs and  Spices in Wooden \Bowls             Herbs Spice Leaves and Berries Wreath

Image result for Christmas Herb Arrangement with Bells

        Spice and Herb Plants Growing in Pots










  Three Fascinating Herbs

The AGM before Three Talks and Herb Supper

New committee members will be welcome

Ring the President to nominate NOW 

Rm MB10 Main Building Burnley Horticultural College               Melway 45A12  500 Yarra Blvd Richmond                                                   Members Free  Bring Supper Library Free to Members                

Raffle of Plant or Book    VISITORS WELCOME ! $5 

Thursday October 5th  7.15 pm arrive for 7.30pm

Felicity Sigmont:  Cardamom

Julie Wilkinson Flores:  Nettle

Jan Illingworth:  Mugwort    

       Hope to see You There!

  Image result for cardamom plant          Image result for cardamom plant

                   Cardamom                                                                  Cardamom Seeds

Image result for Nettles            Image result for Nettles

Nettle   Urtica diocia                                                    Nettle Soup  (Steaming  De-Stings the Leaves)

Image result for mugwort plant             Image result for mugwort plant

           Mugwort Artemisia vulgaris  








John Dwyer Plantsman Extraordinaire

 ‘Weeds Plants and People!’ Thurs Sept 7th

Main Building Rm 10 Enter via Steel Ramp be seated before 7.30pm

Burnley Horticultural College 500 Yarra Blvd Melway 45A12

Members Free Plant Book Raffle Herb Supper Visitors Welcome $5

Image result for weeds  Red Clover

  Image result for weeds  St Mary’s Thistle  

                                      Image result for weeds                                                      Dandelion     


Image result for weeds  Thistle

Image result for weeds  Portulacca

Image result for weeds   Nettle

  Image result for CHICKWEED    SPURGE

  Mustard      Chickweed 

Bring your Weed for Identification and its Uses!!!!







 Thursday August 3rd   7.30pm Presented by  

Clive Larkman of Romantic Herbs Lilydale

He will talk about and bring “Unusual Herbs”

to see and buy. Clive and his staff of 35 care for

400,000 tubes and 300,000 cuttings!  

   Herbs from Romantic Herbs




            Bronze Fennel                               


                                                                                                  Wild Strawberry

                                                        Wall Flower





Image result for weeds  Thistle

Image result for weeds  Portulacca Image result for weeds Nettle Image result for CHICKWEED    SPURGE                                                       Mustard    Chickweed                          

Bring your Weed for Identification and its Uses!!!!





Thursday July 6th 7.30pm a Presentation by 

Dr Brian May  Naturopath Researcher and Lecturer:

‘Chinese Medicinal Herbs, Great for the Garden’

 Room 10 Main Cream Brick Building.  Enter via Steel Ramp

Burnley Horticultural College 7.30pm                            

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond Melway 45A12

Image result for Red Root Salvia Chinese Plant            Image result for Red Root Salvia Chinese Plant 

  Red Rooted Salvia miltiorhhiza             Roots                                                                       Flowers


Image result for Platycodon Balloon Flower   Image result for Platycodon Balloon Flower 

               Balloon Flower Buds                                       Platycodon: Balloon Flowers 


 Image result for Chinese Herbs Research at Rmit Brian May

      Dr Brian May






John Rayner ‘Growing, Killing, Learning and   Succeeding with Plants at Emerald!

Thursday June 1st 7.30pm

Burnley Horticultural College Room 10

In Main Building Enter via Steel Ramp

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond Melway 45A12

Members free and free Library  

Raffle of Plants Book Glass Herb Teapot

Visitors Welcome $5  Herb Supper

Join at Event Enjoy a Friendly Group 

Free Plant Cuttings 

‘The Herb Age’ in Colour  Six Times Per Year

By Post or On Line

Image result for Gardens in Emerald Victoria              Image result for Gardens in Emerald Victoria

Two Other Gardens in Emerald Victoria





Howard Fox of Norwood Industries:

Plant Labels  Thursday May 4th  7.30pm

The Herb Society of Victoria Room 10 Main Building Burnley Horticultural College  500Yarra Blvd Richmond  Melway 45A12

Members free   Visitors $5  Raffle of Plant and Book Herbal Supper

All Welcome Join at the Meeting   Free Library for Members

Image result for Plant Labels                                         Image result for pot plant Labels

Image result for plant pot labels             Image result for Plant Labels Norwood Industries Australia




Thursday April 6th at 7.30pm

Jill Bryant will Present Several Ideas for

‘Creating a Shakespeare Garden Today’

plants and a power point will be shown.

Room 10 Main Building at Burnley Horticultural College

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond Melway 45A12 Park in Yarra Blvd

A Short Talk on a Herb before and Supper after the Presentation

Visitors Welcome $5   Members Free  Raffle Free Library
























Thursday March 2nd  7.30pm

Caleb Armstrong will speak about

Growing and Drying Herbs for  Creating Herb Teas.  

Caleb is from Yarra Ranges Herb Farm’s

‘Tea House Cellar Door’.      Sampling Teas and

Supper will follow the presentation.    Raffle

Visitors  Welcome $5     Members Free  

Room 10 Main Building  Enter via Steel Ramp 

Burnley Horticultural College Melway 45A12

500 Yarra Blvd Richmond. 













Thursday February 2nd 6pm Picnic Dinner

Bring food and drinks to share at the Table near the Herb Garden

Burnley Horticultural College 500 Yarra Blvd Melway 45A12

 Image result for salads and bread and SandwichesImage result for quiche and Salads

All Welcome!  Walk in Burnley Gardens Afterwards!


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