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Herb and Spice Quiz

By September 5, 2020December 19th, 2021No Comments

How much do you know about herbs and spices?

Here’s a quick quiz.

  1. What is the key ingredient in Pesto and the name of Faulty Towers tall owner?
  2. Which Salvia is also called ‘See Bright’ or ‘Clear Eye’ because it has been traditionally used to treat eye conditions?
  3. What is tiniest part of the Acacia plant, when roasted it tastes somewhat like hazelnut, chocolate and coffee?
  4. What orchid pod is dried and is used extensively as flavouring, especially in sweets?
  5. There is a herb that causes nasty stinging to the skin, but also has its own healing property as rubbing the crushed leaves of this herb relief its own sting. What is it?
  6. Can you name this “Cat herb’, with the botanical name Teucrium marum?
  7. Which spice is the ground outer covering of the nutmeg seed?
  8. What herb is used as Moxa in Traditional Chinese Medicine, while in Europe, it is used to make as a substitute for hops to make beer?
  9. What berry leaf is said to be the Women’s Herb?
  10. Which herb is also known as Cilantro?


Answers: 1 Basil; 2 Clary Sage; 3 Wattle Seed; 4 Vanilla; 5 Nettle; 6 Cat Thyme; 7 Mace; 8 Mugwort; 9 Raspberry Leaf; 10 Coriander